While Thomas Edison was an honored inventor, many would agree that he probably wouldn’t have been the best light bulb salesman. Let’s face it, his efforts were best focused on creating and fine tuning his inventions. We at Mello Sales Group, Inc. allow manufacturers time to direct their attention to what they do best while we place their products with distributors, catalogs, websites, and retailers.

We strategically align ourselves with manufacturers we find to be cohesive and non-competitive with the others we represent. Mello Sales Group provides constructive recommendations on pricing, packaging, and field competition so that our manufacturers offer products that are ready to sell through their targeted channel. Most importantly, we have long standing relationships with the customers our manufacturers would like to sell to.

Mello Sales Group genuinely cares for all customers from the distribution center all the way to the end consumer. Knowing how their businesses run and stay successful helps us to identify and present products that will sell through and create revenue. We offer support each step of the way to increase the possibilities of success. We believe that product education is an essential ingredient to any independent pet retailer’s success. Therefore, you will find our team at Industry Trade Shows and Distributor Open Houses explaining the nuances of each item. We routinely meet with distribution companies as well as top retailers not only to sell them products but to offer a wide range of services. We help design promotions, facilitate returns, conduct sales meetings and collect invaluable feedback on how the product is doing at retail. 

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