Who We Are »

Mello Sales Group, Inc. is a carefully selected group of sales professionals who share pride in the companies we represent. Since 1985 we have been calling on Pet Industry customers in the 13 Western States as well as B.C. and Alberta. By enlisting people who know and understand their regional market we are able to mesh the inspirational designs our manufacturers with the needs and beliefs of pet parents.

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How We Can Help You»

While Thomas Edison was an honored inventor, many would agree that he probably wouldn’t have been the best light bulb salesman. Let’s face it, his efforts were best focused on creating and fine tuning his inventions. We at Mello Sales Group, Inc. allow manufacturers time to direct their attention to what they do best while we place their products with distributors, catalogs, websites, and retailers.

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Meet the Team »

After serving as President of WWPSA (now WPA) and working for a few pet industry manufacturers, Jim started Mello Sales in 1985.  Jumping into his station wagon, Jim would routinely drive the I-5 calling on distributors from San Diego into Vancouver, B.C.  As the industry grew, Jim strategically added partners to help him.

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Photo Gallery »

All of us with Mello Sales Group feel fortunate to be in the Pet Industry. To work with others who care about the wellbeing of companion animals and the pursuit of enriching their lives is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Here are some fun pictures of the pets in our lives. Some present, some past…all loved!

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