Jim Mello, Company Founder and CEO
Office: 707-257-6451    Fax: 707-257-1078    jim@mellosales.com

After serving as President of WWPSA (now WPA) and working for a few pet industry manufacturers, Jim started Mello Sales in 1985.  Jumping into his station wagon, Jim would routinely drive the I-5 calling on distributors from San Diego into Vancouver, B.C.  As the industry grew, Jim strategically added partners to help him.  In January 2005 Jim asked Kevin and Julie to join him in incorporating the business.  Jim remains at the helm, lending his expertise as the company continues to grow and evolve as the industry changes.  He frequently counts his blessings.  “It is a miracle to make a living doing something that you enjoy with customers who are genuinely friends.”  Jim’s favorite pastime is visiting his 4 children’s families and the 9 amazing grandchildren they have given him and his wife Barbara. 

Jim Mello

Kevin Mello, President / Account Executive - Southwestern Region
Office: 858-505-9910    Fax:  858-278-8361    Cell: 909-731-1116    kevin@mellosales.com

Kevin Mello

Kevin cut his teeth on dog toys!  He once was the crazy kid playing in the elevator at the trade shows; now Kevin is a respected member of the industry.  After earning his degree in communications at University of Arizona he joined his father in growing the business.  Kevin started detailing stores in 2001 and worked his way up to managing the majority of our best customers.  In 2005 when the company incorporated, Kevin was named company president.  We all hope his wife allows him to bring their children to the shows when they get older. 

Julie Hutchings, Vice President / Operations and Sales Manager
Office: 707-257-6451    Fax: 707-257-1078    Cell: 707-337-5777    julie@mellosales.com

Julie Hutchings

With 12 years of management background in the airline industry, Julie joined Jim in February 1999.  Her innate work ethic allowed her to quickly learn all aspects of the business.  Her passion and big picture thinking make her a vital member of the organization.  Jim invited Julie to become a partner when the company incorporated in 2005.  As vice president, Julie is the jack of all trades.  She has her hands in everything from sales to human resources.  As if her hands weren’t full enough, Julie and her husband have two children (13 years apart).

Yevette Barry, Account Executive – Pacific Northwest
Cell: 425-750-7705 or 425-903-2717    Fax: 425-335-0715    yevette@mellosales.com

Yevette Barry

We struck gold in May 2009 when we found Yevette.  Previously a mortgage account executive, Yevette has sunk her roots into the wonderful world of pet products.  Born and raised in Northern Washington, she understands the passion this region has for natural products and the ideology behind healthy living while caring for the environment.  Her amazing attention to details keeps us all on our toes.  Yevette’s son is studying at the University of Washington while her daughter is making a name for herself on the high school softball team.

Steve Sabo, Account Executive – UT, AZ, NM and CO
Cell: 602-370-3112    Fax: Fax: 707-257-1078    steve@mellosales.com

Steve has spent most of his 20 years in the pet industry working with some of the largest pet product retailers.  His experience includes, but is no way limited to, product development, merchandising, purchasing and of course, sales.  Steve met and married Linda and now has a house full of pets and two wonderful children.  With both parents working in the pet industry their fur babies are entirely spoiled.  Their kids, however, would have preferred being children of Toy ‘R Us executives. 

Steve Sabo

Ben Rehling, Account Executive – Southern California and Southern Nevada
Cell: 310-909-4068    Fax: 707-257-1078    ben@mellosales.com

Ben has spent his entire life surrounded by dogs and cats and has always had a passion for the welfare of animals.  It was this deep seeded love that led Ben to coordinated a screening of the documentary “Street Dogs of South LA” to raise donations for the Shelter Animal Advocacy Fund in Los Angeles.  He also set up the “Hounds In The Hood” event where pet food was donated to pet parents suffering financial hardship along with free spay/neuter and low cost vaccinations.  Ben has 12 years of retail management experience that has covered everything from merchandising to extensive product training.  He lives in Orange County with his girlfriend, 4 dogs and 1 cat.

Ben Rehling

Gina Lane, Account Executive – Northern California, NV and OR
Cell: 707-320-3888    Fax: 707-257-1078    gina@mellosales.com

Gina started working at her Uncle’s pet store when she was 15 years old and has stayed in the industry ever since.  She has owned two successful stores, been a buyer for a high volume feed store and worked as a distributor sales representative.  Gina is a diehard animal lover and spends much of her free time assisting non-profit organizations to increase the quality of life for pets.  She has learned not to work adoptions because she is still is that little girl who brings home every stray. 

Gina Lane

Carri Mello, Trade Shows / Internet Management / Accounting
Office: 707-257-6451    Fax: 707-257-1078    carri@mellosales.com

There is no denying that Carri is our go-to person.  She started helping with some accounting from home in 2001.  We lured her into the office in October 2007 part-time as a Special Projects manager.  She has mastered our Trade Show and Open House system and has become an integral facet in managing our internet accounts.   Carri holds a degree in Environmental Studies.  She is married to Jim’s oldest son, Jeff, and is the mother of two beautiful daughters.

Carri Mello

Jena Jones, Special Projects / Customer Service
Office: 858-505-9910    Fax: 858-278-8361    Cell: 707-416-6376    jena@mellosales.com

Jena Jones

Hired in August 2007, Jena came to Mello Sales Group, Inc. with basic industry knowledge from years of helping her Aunt Julie.  After 4 years of managing the main office in Napa, Jena moved to San Diego with her husband and is now assisting Kevin in our Southern California office.  Her experience makes her a diverse member of our team.  She is always lending a helping hand wherever assistance is needed.  Jena works trade shows, offers administration support and manages a few accounts of her own now. When not in the office you can find Jena and her husband at the beach playing with their two Great Danes.

Katie Chastain, Executive Assistant / Customer Service
Office: 707-257-6451    Fax: 707-257-1078    katie@mellosales.com

Katie  Chastain

Katie comes to us with 7 years of office management from the hospitality industry.   Being born and raised in Napa it only makes sense that we found her running the largest hot air balloon company in the valley.  Her love of spreadsheets and organization makes her a perfect match for our Napa office.  On weekends Katie and her son love to go on adventures; car shows, ball games, music festivals, you name it!