Mello Sales Group, Inc. is a carefully selected group of sales professionals who share pride in the companies we represent. Since 1985 we have been calling on Pet Industry customers in the 13 Western States as well as B.C. and Alberta. By enlisting people who know and understand their regional market we are able to mesh the inspirational designs our manufacturers with the needs and beliefs of pet parents.

When someone is looking for advice on issues their pet may be experiencing or habits their pets are displaying the first place they turn is to their local pet specialty store. It’s important that the thoughts and functions of the products we represent are conveyed all the way through the purchasing chain and into the hands of the consumer. When a pet parent understands the innate behaviors of their pet they can easily see the value in chew toys, things to chase, and ways to simulate foraging for food.

We at Mello Sales Group, Inc. align ourselves with quality manufacturers who share our passion of pets and our genuine concern for the success of our retail partners. By choosing manufactures who specialize in different aspects of the industry we are able to build our portfolio with a common thread of products that offer ingenuity, function, balanced nutrition and satisfaction for pets while delivering value for those who care for them.